Responsible Mining

Economic Benefits

Pebble can help address Alaska’s fiscal crisis

The Lake & Peninsula Borough and Bristol Bay region is characterized by:

  • High levels of unemployment
  • High cost of living
  • Decreasing population

Outmigration causes severe school budgetary pressures - many schools have closed

Pebble would offer substantial economic benefits: locally; regionally; statewide

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The information on this page is indicative only and based on current mine planning undertaken by the Pebble Partnership. We continue to consider various development options and no final project design has been selected by the Pebble Partnership at this time. The information is intended to provide information about general economic effects/contribution of a development at Pebble to Alaska and the Lake and Borough Peninsula region. It should not be used to evaluate the Pebble Project’s impact on Northern Dynasty.

  1. Includes estimates of mineral licensing tax, corporate tax, and state royalties

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